Bimesh De Silva

(650) 772-1920 ยท


Software Engineering Intern

Facebook Reality Labs (AR/VR)

I primarily spent my time working on the USB stack of a new operating system. I built the first standalone USB class driver for the OS. This required building the foundations in our xHCI driver and adding IPC APIs for the class drivers to use. My driver enabled Serial over USB, which allowed application developers to attach debuggers to their boards without taking up the physical serial port (which was required for other purposes, e.g. kernel logs and control). My driver also served as a reference for a functioning standalone USB driver, which my teammates have been using as an example to build other drivers based on.

I also took a computer vision course, where I learned about computer vision/deep learning basics and completed a couple of assignments using PyTorch.

May 2020 - August 2020

Software Engineering Intern


My main project focussed on building a cache for real-time ads updates in Google Search. The first part involved building a couple of Cloud Dataflow pipelines for all the data that wasn't change-tracked (think of Cloud Dataflow as a managed, higher-level abstraction of MapReduce concepts). I improved the runtime of these pipelines by over 25% by optimizing the SQL queries (this involved matching join keys to indeces, combining queries, using native materialization into protos and a variety of other techniques). Then, I built a couple of microservices to update our cache by subscribing to change-tracked data via several Pub/Sub queues. This improved the average data freshness in our cache from over 30 minutes to under 1 second.

September 2019 - December 2019

Full Stack Developer Intern


Member of core backend team for Enterprise Commerce (SAP Commerce Cloud). Worked on API modernization and monolith decomposition. Proposed, owned, and developed a new express checkout flow reducing checkout time by 70%.

January 2019 - April 2019

Software Engineering Intern - Backend

BlackBerry Messenger

Worked on partner team building third-party integrations into the app. Developed an advertisement pushing service reaching 10 million daily users. Built an automated contest generation platform for partners. Since launch, their contests have had over 200 thousand participants.

May 2018 - August 2018

Lead Android Engineer


Founding member of a startup enabling small grocery businesses to take part in the digital grocery revolution. Built an Android app for customer and investor demos in 4 weeks, resulting in $30 000 of investment and 2 stores signing on. Check out our website here!

August 2017 - April 2018

Software Developer Co-op - Frontend

The Regional Municipality of York

Worked on the team developing the website. Created an employee forum using WebSphere APIs for authentication and data storage. Built several web widgets using third-party APIs for a portal used by over 2000 employees.

September 2015 - January 2016


University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Some relevant courses I've taken so far:

  • Programming Principles - CS 137
  • Introduction to Data Abstraction and Implementation - CS 138
  • Logic and Computation - SE 212
  • Digital Computers - ECE 222
  • Foundations of Sequential Programs (a.k.a mini-compilers) - CS 241E
  • Data Structures and Data Management - CS 240E
  • Software Engineering Principles - CS 247
  • Algorithms - CS 341
  • Operating Systems - SE 350
  • Applied Probability - STAT 330
  • Software Design - SE 464
  • Feedback Control - SE 380
  • Databases - CS 348
  • Concurrency - CS 343
  • Artificial Intelligence - CS 486
  • Computer Security and Privacy - CS 458
  • Computer Networks - ECE 358
  • Distributed Computing - ECE 454
September 2017 - April 2022

  • Idea Stack

    A Google Assistant Action that saves your thoughts/conversation topics in a stack so you could remember them for later!

    javascript google-assistant cloud-functions
  • GitHub
    Assistant Action Store
    Idea Stack - A stack for your ideas! | Product Hunt
  • gRPC vs. REST

    An article comparing gRPC to REST, Protocol Buffers to JSON, and HTTP/2 to HTTP/1.1. Contains benchmarks created using Go channels to compare HTTP/2 request multiplexing to HTTP/1.1 pipelining. Used a Job/Worker pattern with a controlled thread pool size to find the optimal amount of concurrent requests.

    grpc rest networking concurrency go
  • GitHub
    Medium Article (1K+ claps!)
  • USDA Food Nutrition Visualizer

    Built prior to the USDA having their own searchable database, this Java API parses through the 100 000+ foods and associated nutrient information available in their database data dumps. Uses a purpose-built balanced binary tree and weighted searching algorithm to return the most relevant results super fast. Fun fact: everything used here was built from scratch (searching, balanced binary trees, priority queues, linked lists)!

    java custom-datastructures search
  • GitHub
  • Flow

    Collabaorative IDE for developers (similar idea to Google Docs, but it's an IDE). Supports compiling, syntax highlighting, debugging, file history, and more! Text modification inspired by Operational Transformation.

    java sqlite tcp/ip operational-transformation
  • GitHub
  • Dance Dance Revolution

    Combines a DDR board built using conductive plates, pull-up resistors and an Arduino with a DDR-inspired game built using Unity. Linked up the arduino and game using a serial port.

    c# c++ unity arduino
  • GitHub
  • Blackjack Server

    Contains both the dealer and server for hosting hundreds of concurrent Blackjack games. Defines a TCP/IP API for communication with clients.

    java tcp/ip concurrency
  • GitHub
    API Documentation


Aside from being a developer, I spend most of my time on my feet. During the warmer months, I enjoy mountain biking, camping, canoeing, playing soccer and just appreciating the outdoors. When it gets colder, I love to go snowboarding, hiking, and enjoy the snow in all ways possible. I've also recently found lots of fun in skating and cross country skiing.

Year-round, I spend (too much) time in the gym and kitchen since I'm trying to reach some personal fitness goals. I also spend many of my nights reading about whatever seems interesting. Some particular topics that I've read a lot about are karting, investing, productivity, and software development. I've recently started maintaining a list of books I've read on goodreads.